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The Connecticut Postcard Club

It is with deep sadness and disappointment that as spokesperson for the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Postcard Club (CPCC), I am announcing the dissolution of The Club as it has been known for the past 62 years.

On Dec. 20, 2015 at our regular monthly meeting, we held a special session of the Governing Board where it was a unanimous decision by those Board members present that due to financial reasons and lack of interest in running a formal BOD, we would begin the dissolution process in early 2016.

This Governing Board meeting was followed by a General Meeting of the Membership of the CPCC where President Dave Williams and acting Treasurer Joseí Rodriguez announced the above message to those present.

The following Board members were in attendance at this session: President Dave Williams, 1st Vice President Pam Hutchinson, 2nd Vice President Joe Taylor, acting Treasurer Joseí Rodriguez, and outgoing Show Chairperson Morgan Hassenmayer.

Not present were outgoing Membership Secretary Joanne Coykendall and Publicity Chairperson Katie Coleman. The Recording Secretary position has been vacant for 3 months.

Due mostly to a lack of being able to interest any of our followers in joining the leadership of the CPCC, the existing Board of Directors had voted unanimously that the Club can no longer function.

In the past year, we have had the announcements of 4 resignations in major positions of the BOD - Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, and Show Chairperson.

These are key positions in the Club and without someone to fill each of them, there is no longer a means to bring in the funds needed to continue our monthly rental and liability expenses.

This issue is not new to the Club in 2015. The current Board of Directors has been trying their best to fill the positions with our membership as well as reaching out on our website for the past 6 months, however not one person has stepped forward with any interest.

We also had noted in our Treasurerís Reports for the past 2 years, that funding was getting low and it would just be a matter of time before we would have to close down.

The BOD agreed that it would be better to dissolve before we run out of money completely.

With this said, anyone who has paid their dues for 2016 or beyond, will be receiving a refund check in the mail as soon as the existing finances are cleared. Those of you in this group will receive an email in February 2016 verifying the mailing address you would like to have your check sent to.

Because we are a non-profit entity, the Board voted that when all financial obligations are fulfilled and the books balanced, the remainder of the money in the treasury will be given to charity.

A working Treasurerís report is available upon request as well as a final report upon date of dissolution.

This Club has become more than a business for the past 62 years - it was a wonderful social organization with some of our membership having been faithful to us nearly since itís inception. I know I speak for the others on the Board, that our camaraderie will truly be missed.


Pam Hutchinson

CPCC 1st Vice President

Club Information

The Connecticut Post Card Club invites you to its regular meetings where you can look for postcards in a relaxed, informal setting, meet fellow collectors, and learn more about postcards.

Visitors are always welcome at the meetings which are held eight times a year in Hamden, CT from 10AM-3 PM. Members bring cards to sell: there are refreshments, programs, and auctions.

Any member may sell cards, from one box to a large stock. It is not necessary to reserve a table in advance, and there is no table fee.

Members also receive the club's newsletter.

344 Tollgate Road
Berlin, CT 06037

Membership Application (PDF format)

Meeting Dates:


January 18 - Club Meeting & Auction at K of C
February 15 - Club Meeting at K of C
March 15 - Club Meeting at K of C
April 19 - Show at Comfort Inn, 900 East Main Street, Meriden, CT NEW LOCATION
May 17 - Club Meeting at K of C ***DATE CHANGED TO May 24***
September 20 - Club Meeting at K of C
October 18 - Club Meeting at K of C
November 15 - Club Meeting at K of C
December 20 - Christmas Meeting & Luncheon at K of C

Meeting Times:

10AM - 3PM

Meeting Location:

All meetings, except the show, held at:
K of C Hall
2630 Whitney Avenue View Map & Get Directions
Hamden, CT

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